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Ida Rolf's Legacy to a New Paradigm for Structural Integration

By Karrie Osborn

When Bill Williams was working on a 10-session bodywork protocol with his mentor Ida Rolf in the 1970s, he knew he wanted to take it further than the physiology that was being explored. His training in psychology and his interest in energy afforded him insight into the integration that could happen when body, mind, and spirit met. While Rolf, with whom he was teaching and researching at the time, didn't want to take the work in that direction, she gave Williams her blessing to seek out his own truths. And so was born Soma Neuromuscular Integration.
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Keeping in balance - Soma and running. By Erika Dillman*


Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder - Soma Brings Peace of Mind to Families. Massage and Bodywork Magazine*


Excerpt from The Indigo Children by Lee Carrol and Jan Tober *

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“What we call mind and body are not two entities related to each other, but a single unity. Let us use the word, soma, to refer to this unity.”

– Carl Ginsburg, Ph.D. International Feldenkrais Trainer

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