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Amanda Coleman

Amanda Coleman BA, LMP
(206) 979-6106
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Somanda Bodyworks
3400 Harbor Ave SW

Box 401 Suite 407

Seattle, WA 98126

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Amanda considers herself a Human Renovator. In her 17 years of practice she has helped hundreds of clients move, look and feel younger, more vibrant, more creative, more themselves . She brings an acute sensitivity and artistry to her work, drawing on her deep connection to nature, her background in the performing arts, and her personal journey of transforming her own emotional and physical pain into freedom and aliveness.  She holds an advanced degree from the SOMA Institute of Neuromuscular Integration, is Board Certified by the International Association of Structural Integrators, and is trained in Visceral Manipulation, developmental movement patterning and Nia dance fitness. Based in West Seattle , she offers private hands-on healing and group movement classes. Her goal is to coax her students into deep fulfilling partnership with their own physical nature by upgrading both hardware (bones, muscles ,organ function) and software (creativity, movement, energy, beliefs and habits).

Amanda's unique style uses a comforting and delicate touch to sink deeply into the root of restrictions in the body's postural and energetic systems. It restores and optimizes flexibility, posture, emotional balance, athletic performance, and much more. This gentle and precise work frees and enlivens the connective tissues that permeate and join muscles, bones, organs, arteries, nerves, etc. Amanda "listens" to your structural and emotional body's "leanings" and helps it release in  precise physical ways  that will generate a cascade effect throughout your body and your life.


Amanda's work is loved by artists, athletes, expectant mothers, and others who desire to rise to their fullest, most sustainable capacity--to build in the bandwidth that will allow their greatness to truly manifest.

"With Amanda, you know from the first moment that you are in the hands of a top SOMA professional. Nothing about her approach is mechanical. You really have the sense that in her hands your body becomes a work in progress. She proceeds with the confidence and precision of a skilled surgeon modulated by the artistic, intuitive sense of a fine musician. Amanda has a real gift for this work. Moreover she has a big heart and the genuine desire to bring profound life enhancing benefits to her clients. And at this she succeeds beautifully. I can't recommend Amanda too highly."
--L. S., Pianist

Like many of her clients, Amanda�s life may be considered in two parts: before and after SOMA Neuromuscular Integration. Her decade of dance and movement training and a career as a stage performer opened Amanda�s awareness to the intimate connection between body, mind and emotions; yet even given her keen insight, she was unable to break free of the clinical depression and chronic back pain she experienced for ten years. SOMA bodywork gave Amanda the key to unlock the places in her body that had been abandoned due to injury and trauma. Out of her own miraculous healing and growth, Amanda has created a fuller, more vibrant life that continues to flourish and unfold.

Her first-hand experience, as well as her work with many clients, including children and those with developmental disabilities, has affirmed Amanda�s trust in the beauty and wisdom inherent in each of us. Through her SOMA practice, Amanda invites you to consider yourself whole and unbroken, no matter your individual challenge, and to claim the full and unique richness of the life you are here to live.

"SOMA changed so much in my body and in my life. I do miss it very much. It�s hard to not fall in to your old routine and Amanda is so far away! I miss her terribly!"
-M.S. Age 12, Vienna, Austria

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