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Remember to Breathe

The step by step process to reclaiming your natural effortless breath.

Connect with the source of your energy in this powerfully restorative workshop with Amanda Coleman, LMP


  Four Part Breath Series

Expand and release all the regions of breathing:

Belly-Pelvis-Ribcage-Head and Neck

March 2*-March 23

Saturdays 4:30-6:30pm:

*Part 1 and 2 of the series are available as single sessions.

The Center for Movement and Healing

7901 35th Ave SW, 2nd Floor

West Seattle, WA 98126.

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" This is an amazing class that takes you to a new level of growth by using your breath and getting really in tune with your body. It's amazingly relaxing too!" M.F.--series participant

Resilience is the ability to take in what you need...

...and let go of what you don't.

Your breath already knows how to do this.

  • Learn to tap into this resource, and your whole body and indeed your whole life, can become more centered and playful.
  • Experience the easiest and most timeless method for getting your body/mind/spirit on the same page. 
  • Access your body's self-healing capacity.
  • Discover how to "talk so your body will listen and how to listen so your body will talk.


Class includes:  
-    Hands-on anatomy
-    3 layer self-massage  
-    3 dimensional breath practice with take-home instructions
-    group body sculptures and interactive breathplay

"I was attracted to the name 'Remember to Breathe' as I am a breath holder and a shallow breather. I now catch myself when out in the world really breathing into all areas of my belly--feels great. And using the breath to help with emotions and movement is a great reminder."

"Most impactful? The pelvic breathing. Reminding me how essential it is to breathe completely and into spaces that may have been forgotten, ignored or purposely pushed aside because of trauma. Our breath truly sustains us in so many ways, and by tapping into it, we tap into whole new levels of our being, of life"--Catherine Keating, author of There Was Supposed to Be a Baby

"I always felt safe and supported throughout the explorations, and I liked the more formal instruction on anatomy and all the group interactions."M.A.

"It's a very busy time in my life-one toddler at home, a new baby on the way, launching my own business, family stuff...I'm always on the lookout for ongoing education and experience and GROUNDING. Thank you!"


"It's a great education on understanding how we breathe and Amanda's guidance through the actual breathwork can really help shift your awareness of how you breathe and assist in daily body awareness."




"I realized that my breath can actually lead my movement, rather than being something that's trying to 'catch up' to what I'm doing."
Charlotte House CST LMP


Through her 12 years of SOMA Neuromuscular Integration practice, with its movement and awareness coaching component, Amanda Coleman LMP discovered that a few minutes of tailored breathwork could free up many of the holding patterns in the body that would normally take hours of massage to accomplish.

Working deeply with the human body for so many years, studying nature in its many forms and her experience in dance, drama and other arts, have shown Amanda how to "body whisper"--to coax and encourage bodies progressively toward health and wholeness. Come learn this skill and use your breath to do fantastic bodywork on yourself! Using breath practices and self-massage along with solid functional anatomy, you will learn how to get into deep therapeutic connection with your own body. Like any relationship, for bodies to heal and stay healthy, they need to feel and they need to be heard. In fact, many physical discomforts will vanish once their message has been truly received --pain is an excellent way to grab your attention. Amanda is delighted to hold this safe, supportive space for you to become "fluent" in your body.



*About the "Remember How to Move" class series

We are often told to "listen to our body" especially when healing an injury, or in yoga, etc, but many of us have not learned the skills of actually doing that. This class is meant to teach those skills and a general understanding of the underlying patterns of how we move and what moves us.

RHTM is a developmental-based, all-levels movement experience that reacquaints us with our basic movement vocabulary as humans. Like the way being familiar with the alphabet allows us to understand and express via written language in all its subtlety, this movement vocabulary will allow us to become "fluent" in moving our own bodies. This lets us better enjoy life: from being able to get in and out of the car with ease, to being able to bend down and dig a garden, to being able to cartwheel, pirouette, or hit the ball better. It also give us the adaptability to branch out into new movement practices that can condition and heal our bodies. We can move ourselves with greater safety, connection, and authentic self-expression. We will also explore why sometimes we don't want to move, even though we know we "should".


You can learn to listen to your own body, and thus give it the care that it demands. Its demands cannot go unheeded. It is like a child, it needs you, your attention, your ear, your smiles, your care. Otherwise it suffers, sometimes silently, sometimes loudly, but eventually it has to stop you if it can't get through. The body is also a resource of great wisdom, an ancient sage that knows how Earth works, how life works, and it is holding the boundary for us as our busy puppy minds dream up wonders and tear around getting into everything. It guides and encourages us to grow up.

And just like when rearing a child, learning about bodies in general, their patterns and stages, their make-up and structure is extremely beneficial. There are many things we share as human beings. Reinventing the wheel is not necessary. But every body is different. Each child is unique. Only by learning to be aware of your body, your unique make-up, can you actually know which path to take. This is true when you are choosing which foods to eat amid the myriad of choices and opinions out there (that seem to reverse every few years!). It is true when you are deciding how to heal or prevent a pain, an injury or illness. It is true when you are making choices for structuring your daily life.

You must make a habit of listening, for you shift and change as you grow, as you mature; by the season, and by the time of day. Having a competent and loving relationship between mind and body is vital to living a sustainable life.

Learning what it means to be a human being in a human body, and then deeply knowing and expressing your unique voice in that chorus, makes life a delight, an adventure, grounded in peace and camaraderie.

Come. I have made a space for you.

A space for you to learn from the Outside in

... and the Inside out.

And in the dance between outside and inside...that's where the fun is.

Remember How to Move.


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